• Available in Long or Mid length these binders give you a secure and comfortable bind.

    What makes NYTC binders different?

    The design–  We spent months working with one of the most acclaimed pattern makers in the USA.

    Features more mobility for your arms and upper back offering a more comfortable fit without compromising front compression.

    Low neck for button downs and v-necks

    Additional stitching for a finished look and durability

    The Materials

    Moisture wicking lining to help keep you dry and comfortable

    The outside is designed for stealth, a matte white which resembles a typical undershirt

    • XSmall – 32-33″
    • Small – 34-35″
    • Medium – 36-37″
    • Large – 38-40″
    • XL  – 41-43″
    • XXL  – 44-46″


    To find your size, use a tape measure *alternatively, you can use string and a ruler*.  (1) Wrap the tape measure under your armpits above the breast tissue.  (2) Wrap the tape measure around your body at the point where you experience the maximum breast tissue. The average of these two measurements is your binder size *{(1) + (2)} / 2*. Round up for looser fit, round down for a more snug fit. Many folks find they wear one size smaller on our size charts than other binder brands.