• Oh My! Playful Promises' new Latex accessories are the perfect addition to add to any set. These stretchy latex mittens are fun and unique. Simply slip your hand in, pull up and adjust.

    Hand and thumb opening.

    Stretchy latex to fit most hand sizes

    Bow detail at front.

    Latex Info:

    Our latex accessories will arrive lightly dusted. In order to shine, wash in lukewarm water and let dry before applying any shiner.

    To clean, use warm clean water with gentle soap. Carefully wipe off excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry flat. Lightly dust with talc before putting away in plastic zip lock bag to store.

    When dressing in latex, talcum or silicone lubricants are necessary to help the latex easily slide over skin. Do not pull hard or use excessive force or you may damage the garment.

    Things to avoid:

    Metals such as copper, brass and bronze will react with latex resulting in brown stains (any jewellery and body piercings will stain latex).

    Direct sunlight, heat and humidity will result in discolouration.

    Sharp objects can puncture or tear latex

    Oils will degrade latex. Avoid any contact with oil-based lubricants and solvents.

    Latex is very highly flammable

    Black Latex Mittens w/ Bow