• Ready to explore in even more ways? The Sway Warming Waterproof Rechargeable Silicone Dual Vibration Massager by Lora DiCarlo pleases in many ways with seven intensity settings and three vibration patterns.

    Its ergonomic design with dual motors provides powerful, rumbly, intense vibrations on the G-Spot, clitoris, P-Spot or perineum - or wherever the mood takes you.

    Best of all, Sway's WarmSense™ Technology warms quickly to 104° F / 40° C, just above body temperature, giving it a real, relaxing feel. It warms up - making it even more comfortable and pleasurable.

    • More than one way to please - Hit the right spot, every time.
    • Soothing and stimulating - Adjust to your vibes.
    • Waterproof - Get wet in the bath or shower.
    • 7 Intensity Settings - Pace yourself.


    You're getting warmer - Sway warms to 104° F / 40° C, just above body temp for enhanced circulation, arousal, and relaxation. WarmSense™ technology heats quickly and evenly throughout, so it feels natural, sensual and totally relaxing. You’ll stay in the mood and in the moment for as long as you desire.


    Double the good vibes - Every side is Sway's good side. Its dual ended motors on each side vibrate and stimulate, creating simultaneous sensations according to your desired experience.


    G-Spot Side

    • Insertable Width - 1.06 inches / 27 mm
    • Insertable Length - 3.15 inches / 80 mm

    P-Spot Side

    • Insertable Width - 1.18 inches / 30 mm
    • Insertable Length - 3.82 inches / 97 mm


    Sway | Lora DiCarlo