Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes | Two Knotty Boys


Back on the Ropes is a photo-illustrated, step-by-step bondage manual that demonstrates 61 ties... and how to put them into action. In total, that's more than 70 techniques, including twenty-four more ties than Two Knotty Boys' first book, Showing You the Ropes


Back on the Ropes uses clear, concise captions written by JD and Dan (Two Knotty Boys) and nearly a thousand beautiful, full-color photographs shot by world-renown fetish photographer, Ken Marcus. It features beginning, intermediate and advanced knots, clever tricks, decorative applications, ties for extra exposure, harnesses and more. It even repeats core ties from Showing You the Ropes and elaborates on them with unique iterations, so you don't have to purchase the first book to grasp these new techniques.


There has never been a more comprehensive, entertaining and easy-to-use book on how to tie rope bondage safely and beautifully.


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