Bi Stronic Fusion | Fun Factory


Pulsator meets vibrator

  • Pulsing, thrusting movement and clit vibration
  • Vibrating wings against the labia
  • Gentle G-spot curve and satisfying girth
  • Dual action, what many people need to reach orgasm
  • Just lie back and enjoy, for hands-free FUN

Do you want it all? Do you crave the feel of a lover’s passionate thrust, the pulse of their fingers against your G-spot, their fingertips fluttering against your labia? Do you also love the overwhelming sensation of a super-strong vibrator? Expand your sexual universe with BI STRONIC FUSION, the groundbreaking toy that thrusts, pulses, vibrates, and pretty much gives you everything you’ve ever wanted.


We’ve paired our patented hands-free thrusting technology with one of the strongest external motors on the market for the world’s first dual action toy, combining realistic thrusting with powerful vibration. The thrusting shaft and vibrating extension are controlled separately, so you can pick sensations from deep, rhythmic thrusts to quick, intense pulses, plus the strength and pattern of vibration, then lie back and enjoy for hours of hands-free fun.

Basically, you get thrusting and clitoral vibration for zero effort. What’s not to like?

*** Motor Contains Strong Magnets, Do NOT Use with Medical Devices like Pacemakers***