Aphrodisiac Tantric Tincture (300mg CBD) | Privy Peach


For people looking to have more passionate and longer-lasting sex, Tantric Aphrodisiac CBD Tincture with full-spectrum CBD oil and libido-boosting terpenes can help partners align their chakras.


Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that involves weaving and expanding energies between partners. Our Tantric Aphrodisiac CBD Tincture is made with burdock root, full-spectrum CBD oil, terpenes, and vitamins that can help increase intimacy and create that coveted mind-body connection involved in tantric sex.


Each mood-boosting dropper contains 10mgs of CBD and a blend of Linalool, Limonene, Vanillin, burdock root, and B-vitamins that taste and smell great and can lead to more powerful orgasms between partners. Best of all, it tastes great, improves a sense of general well-being and improves sexual wellness.


Improve sense of well-being, mood, and sexual wellness with Privy Peach!


Ingredients: Full-spectrum hemp-infused MCT oil, burdock root, proprietary aphrodisiac terpene blend of vanillin, linalool, limonene, B-3 & B-12 vitamins