Boneyard Skwert Aroma Topper

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I think it is safe to say we have all spilled a bottle in the throw! The Aroma Topper turns your fragrance bottle into a 1-handed, flip top. No more slippery, 2 handed battle with the bottle! In the past getting the bottle open takes 2 hands, keeping track of the removable cap is always a challenge and then actually screwing the cap back on...all while you have more important things to focus on! With the Popper Topper just use your thumb to click it open and closed for a tight seal without rubber gaskets to lose. Helps prevent spilling, staining and waste. The nose cone inserts into your nostril perfectly so you can get all the whiff. The Popper Topper fits most traditional popper bottles. The size is based on the thread and opening size, not the bottle size.