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Ballistic Metal Breast Press

We had many many requests from woman (and some men) to make a quality / visually appealing American made breast / tit clamp.  We came up with the Ballistic Breast Clamp!  Lay the breast across the CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum plate with our unique diamond pattern and then slowly crank the knobs down and watch the clear acrylic top plate squeeze and smash the breast.  This is machined and hand assembled in Los Angeles!

On a side note, we had a few people that saw it saw it can also be used as a cock / dick crusher vice (kind of a dual purpose piece)

These are sold as each, so if you want one for each breast, please order two.

Overall dimensions approx 6 3/4" x 4 1/2"

Dimensions between bolts approx 6" rear (the part against body) and 5" front and 4" deep

Dimensions are approx because of the curved design of the piece