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Brigade Harness | The Stockroom


Call in the troops!

The broad reinforced shoulders of this heavy leather harness command attention and speak to all things strong and masculine, while the attached collar with metal snap closures make play safe and easy.

Pair it with jeans and heavy soled boots or one of our matching leather jocks for all your offensive or evasive maneuvers.

Product Details:

• Thick black leather with nickel-plated steel buckles and rivets

• Small

Neck: 15-16in/38-41cm

Shoulders: 16-18in-41/46cm

• Medium

Neck: 16.5-17.5in/42-44cm

Shoulders: 18-20in/38-51cm

• Large

Neck: 18-19in/46-48cm

Shoulders: 20-22/51-56cm

• Extra Large

Neck: 19.5-20.5in/50-53cm

Shoulders: 22-24in/56-61cm