Bull Hide Flogger 1/4" Falls

  • Fine Quality Bull Hide Leather
  • Quarter inch falls
  • Swivel attached
  • 2 Finger Loops
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Standard Style: All Bull Hide Leather Falls
  • Handcrafted in the USA

These Bull Hide leather floggers come in 3 different colors (Red, Purple and Black) and is in the standard style, meaning all of the falls are bull hide leather.

The 1/4 inch falls make more of a stingy sensation and is less thuddy. However, some customers say that because there are more falls and they are more square/rounded than flat, it actually produces a nice thud that feels massage-like.  There are more falls in this flogger, which means more edges to strike the skin. Tip: Strike more at the tips for a stinging sensation.

The Swivel Flogger with finger loops was created, to allow you to put less energy into swinging the flogger, but produce more force and accuracy on impact.  The Swivel flogger gives you the control you need without exhausting yourself in the process. This flogger is perfect for doing “figure 8s” with little effort. This design is great for long scenes.

All falls are approximately 20 inches long with 45-50 falls. The overall length is 25 inches.