Carbon Travel Cane Set

  • Carbon material canes are sturdy and cannot be broken like a wooden one can
  • They can conduct electricity for electro-play
  • Comes with 3 carbon canes; one 1/2″ cane, one 3/8″ cane and one 1/4″ cane
  • Black canvas travel bag included
  • Each cane is 24″ long and will fit into most luggage
  • 1/2″ cane is a flat design; the others are rounded measured in diameter
  • Hand made in the USA

Our carbon canes will not break like a wooden rattan cane could. They are strong but light.

The light weight but sturdiness of these canes delivers an excellent sting factor but very easy to wield.

The care and upkeep of all our canes is as simple as cleaning each with any anti-bacterial solution. Because our canes are treated they can be used with multiple partners.