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Carnal Desires Ritual Candle | Sensual Alchemy


"My Body is a Vessel for Luscious & Sensual Desire Wisdom." Tap into your turn on. Reconnect with Your Desires.

This candle is specifically blessed with herbs, reiki, and intention to help you reconnect with your body and your sexuality. . It contains aphrodisiac herbs and red jasper- a super sexy crystal programmed with the intent to help you tune into desire. . It also smells delicious. Dark rose and labdanum are layered with heirloom leaves, tigergrass and herbs to create a luscious floral scent. Eden would be jealous.

This candle is made with luxurious virgin coconut soy, is vegan, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free, and come from renewable sources.
Made in United States