Tenera 2 | Lovense


Tenera 2 app-controlled clitoral suction vibrator. Adjust the suction to your preference with the Lovense Remote App. Create and save patterns. Long-distance control. Unlimited suction patterns.PulseSense™ patented technology produces pulses of airwaves to create oral-like suction. Wide suction mouth surrounds your pleasure zone. Easily envelops the entire clit of any body type for more focused clitoral pleasure. Silicone cover is comfortable against your skin simulating the feeling of a real mouth. With a maximum noise level of 43dB, you will only need to worry about your moans being heard. IPX7 waterproof means you can use in the shower or tub and also easily clean. 

  • Material: Body-Safe Silicone
  • Charging Time70min
  • Battery Life:Up to 1hr 18min
  • Water Repellency:IPX7 waterproof
  • Suction Patterns:Unlimited
  • Warranty1-Year