Black Pony Tail | Crystal Delights


Crystal Delights Sparkle Ponytail Plugs use an innovative screw-in (and out) base. They have the exact same look and feel of their standard small bulb- short stem plug, but with the added convenience of being able to remove the ponytail from the base. The hollow glass plug is made from borosilicate tubing just like their dilators are made with. Then they fill the plug with tiny crystals and seal it with a screw-on base. Screw-in one of our high-end ponytails and let the fun and horsing around begin.

Designed and manufactured by Crystal Delights to meet specification and safety standards, each hollow plug is properly annealed then filled with tiny sparkly crystals resulting in a visual explosion of sparkles and glitter!  This ponytail plug is unlike any tail plug available!

SPECIFICATIONS (are approximate and never the same because products are handcrafted) Short Stem/Small Bulb Plug 3.4 - Length (in) 1.3 - Bulb Diameter (in) 3+ - Weight (oz)
Made in United States