Rattan Travel Cane Set


The Travel set consists of the following 5 items:

One 1/2 Inch Rattan Cane with Bead Handle

One 3/8 Inch Rattan Cane with Bead Handle

One 1/4 Inch Rattan Cane with Bead Handle

One Slapper Paddle as well as a

One Black Canvas Bag.

 These Canes are an excellent accessories for School theme role-plays, adult school parties and adult school reenactments or just plain spicing things up between consenting adult couples and to keep that naughty boy or girl behaving and in control.

Throughout history, a thin tree branch known as a Switch has been used in corporal punishment by parents and teachers. This surely led to the cane becoming popular as it has the same flexible swish and leaves the same stinging welt known as a weal.

The canes in The Travel set like all our other canes are rattan, oil-filled and dipped multiple times in marine varnish for maximum flexibility and durability. The care and upkeep of all our canes is as simple as cleaning each with any anti-bacterial solution. Because our canes are treated they can be used with multiple partners.

Rattan is a flexible fibrous wood that does not become too brittle when dry, making it perfect for punishment canes. Caning became the leading form of corporal punishment in the 19th century taking over popularity of the Birch Rod. It was used primarily in British homes and schools to punish students for minor infractions. In the late 18th and early 19th century, caning was a common form of domestic corporal punishment for disobedience, for both wife and child. A heavier, more severe caning was used for judicial purposes. In some countries the practice is still in use. Historically, a cane that was used for corporal punishment usually looked like a walking cane with a curved handle at one end. They had a yellowish amber color when new. The varnish on some canes would darken over time.