The Knot | Sinnovator


Always by its owner’s side when they need them most, this affectionate animal loves to be in the presence of others and will do everything it can to ensure they enjoy its company! A loyal companion, it has expertly evolved from its predecessor, the Knot, into a unique crossbreed with all the very best features of each party involved in its conception. Expertly trained by its owner, it follows commands without question and is happy to remain on a tight leash, thoroughly exploring areas close by and venturing only into the areas instructed.

Like all Sinnovator toys, the Open Knot Sheath is expertly hand poured using premium platinum silicone, meaning it not only feels incredible, it is 100% body safe, non-porous, phthalates free and compatible with all your favourite lubricants. Showcasing all the same exquisite design detail as the Knot, including raised veins, fur detail and a large knot near the base, this stunning sheath adds unique texture and girth to the wearer’s penis, which promises unparalleled stimulation for their partner. In addition, it has also been painstakingly designed to ensure unparalleled stimulation for the wearer with its open tip, internally ribbed texture and the point at the opening which applies delectable pressure to the coronal ridge. The open end not only allows the wearer to experience every single sensation, but it also enables them to cum whilst wearing.

Measuring 7.87 inches in circumference around the knot, this cock sheath is only for those that are very well trained. The ball loop at the base keeps the sheath in place for the duration of your play, whilst also restricting blood flow our of the penis, for a stronger, longer lasting erection. Boasting unparalleled attention to detail, this ball loop is even designed to look just like a luxurious leather collar!

Signature Colour: The Sinnovator Open Knot Sheath showcases a stunning bronzed rose gold and deep woody burgundy to really draw out the dimensions and realistic features. The rippling colours of the silicone wraps the product in flecks, and streams of darker accents draw out the beauty and elegance whilst also enhancing the shape and contours. Choose ‘signature colour’ above to add this masterpiece to your collection.