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Viper-Rubber Whip


The Viper is one of our most popular toys. It has a very stingy sensation. Our Viper is 32 inches long over all and the four twenty four inch long  tips are made of rubber with a plastic handle. All our rubber items are made from high temp neoprene. We originally started our rubber line as an alternative for vegan customers, but it has become very popular with all BDSM players who like sting and a lot of intensity.

The Viper is just the thing for those who enjoy that  stingy impact play! With little effort required from the Top, this toy will get the job done! It’s perfect for those dungeon scenes or when you need a little more room! With little effort on the part of the top, these four twenty four inch long narrow tips will leave lovely stripes on the bottom! We recommend the you add the Viper to your toy collection today.

Product Qualities:

Commercial grade neoprene
Easy to clean
For  intense sting
Fits easily in to almost any bag