Dagon Sheath | Sinnovator


Having expertly evolved from the Star Spawn of Sinnovator, this new breed of sea creature has perfected an ability to transform into a hybrid being that is deserving of worship by all those in its presence! Instantly setting its sights on a chosen companion, this Dagon deity wraps its body around it and drags it down into the deepest, darkest of depths, where it subsequently becomes a ‘deep one’. Indeed, adapting perfectly to its desired environment, it features a streamlined and tapered shape that enables it to become completely immersed in its surroundings. This new hybrid creature will then submerge and resurface as required.

Hand poured from premium platinum silicone and showcasing painstaking design detail, the Sinnovator Dagon Sheath Platinum Silicone Open Tip Penis Extender boasts many of the same design features as its predecessor, including graduating suckers and raised ridges, running both horizontally and vertically, to tantalise sensitive nerve endings and apply delectable pressure. However, this innovative creation is wearable and open-ended so that it can stimulate both the wearer and their partner simultaneously. Indeed, it not only adds unique texture and girth to the penis, it also exposes the head, enabling the wearer to experience every single sensation. This is what differentiates it from a standard penis sheath, which can completely restrict stimulation for the wearer. It is even possible to cum inside your partner whilst wearing.

The Sinnovator Dagon Sheath Platinum Silicone Open Tip Penis Extender measures 6.1 inches in total length, making it the perfect size to rest just below the tip of the penis. In addition, it measures 6.5 inches in circumference/2 inches in diameter. The ball loop in the base not only keeps the sheath in place for the duration of play, but it also restricts blood flow out of the penis to ensure a stronger, longer lasting erection. Hand poured from premium, platinum silicone, the Dagon Sheath open-ended extender is 100% body safe, non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with both water and silicone-based lubricants.