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Assorted Colors

Perfectly placed on a pedestal, this exquisite egg is so intricately detailed that it is deserving of a place in a royal display cabinet.

The Sinnovator Imperial Egg Butt Plug is an ornamental treasure that has been expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans. Featuring gorgeous fleur-de-lis, wreath, arrow and drape detail, it is a stunning centrepiece that showcases hours of painstaking perfectionism. Completely unique in design, feel and appearance, this silicone sex toy is vastly superior to the majority of butt plugs out there. In fact, it is the jewel in the crown! An elegant beauty to behold, it has been lovingly sculptured with superior stimulation and unparalleled aesthetics in mind.

Hand-poured into moulds using premium platinum silicone, the Sinnovator Imperial Egg Butt Plug is 100% body safe, non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with water-based lubricant. The opulent podium style base not only looks lavish, it is an important safety feature.