Dagon | Sinnovator


Assorted colors 

A deity among dildos, this gargantuan specimen deserves its reputation as a ‘Deep One’.

Selected as the star spawn of Sinnovator, this impressive creature plunges into the hidden depths, implementing its reign of dominance over the body instantaneously. Its monstrous insertable length of either 12, 16.4, or 22.5 inches is perfectly streamlined to twist and turn with its chosen pathway, while its defining features make this beast one that is completely unique in both look and feel. Featuring expertly handcrafted suckers that graduate in size, a diamond shaped tip, a ribbed underside and ridges at the sides that run the length of the shaft, it ensures insanely intense stimulation.

The Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Dildo has been expertly handcrafted from clay and hand-poured using the finest quality, platinum silicone. Commanding worship, this superior silicone dildo combines extreme length with unique design features to ensure unparalleled stimulation. 100% body safe, phthalates free, non-toxic and compatible with all your favourite lubes, Dagon is to be revered not feared.

Vac-u-lock compatible.