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The Spoon, Wooden Impact CBT Toy


The Spoon is ideal for cock and ball torture (CBT)/Testicle play. You can use either side of the varnished, solid wood, spoon for two different types of impact. The top contoured side provides more of a stingy sensation. Striking with the bottom flat side gives a more thuddy sensation.

However, the testicles aren’t the only the you can use this on. This tool can be used all over the body for a nice balance between a solid and stingy impact.

The plastic ergonomic handle, makes for easy gripping and good control.

‘-Good for testicle play (CBT)
-Can be used all over the body
-Solid and smooth varnished wood
-Contoured top side provides a dynamic strike with more sting
-Flat bottom side provides more of a thud
-Ergonomic handle for a good grip
-Handmade in the U.S.A.