Rhino | Sinnovator


Assorted colors


Embark upon an all-new kind of safari and witness this magnificent beast in its natural habitat as it ventures deeper into the wilderness. Primarily a solitary creature, this particular Rhino is content with company and resides in a crash of 4, all of which a different size and stature. Supremely strong and having expertly evolved and adapted to its environment, the Rhino is certainly not an endangered species and leaves all those in its presence marvelling at its magnificence. Its dermal armour and big, powerful body can make it an intimidating animal, but it really is a gentle giant and certainly means you no harm. Indeed, it isn't afraid to show you just how happy it is to see you and promises to erupt with affection time and time again! However, you should only approach the large Rhino if you have encountered similar sized beasts previously and are confident you can withstand its charge.

Insertable Length S: 7"   M: 9" 

Circumference of Head S: 4.92"  M: 5.9" 

Circumference of Shaft  S: 9"  M :10"