Short Stem Plug with Blue Crystal | Crystal Delights


Crystal Delights’ is proud to present the centerpiece of our line of hand-crafted erotic pleasure products - our Classic small bulb, short stem plug. Almost all our Crystal Delights products began with this original trademarked design. Our artisans start with high quality, body-safe crystal-clear borosilicate glass, and hand craft it to our exacting quality specifications. We shape it to allow for easy insertion & comfortable wear, with a flared base to make retrieval easier (and ensure it’s safe to use for anal play). We then add a stunning faceted crystal to the base of the plug, to add some color, sparkle, and bling to your erotic adventures! Our crystals are attached by hand, to ensure a long-lasting touch of the extraordinary to your art piece.

SPECIFICATIONS (inches & ounces) Bulb Size: 1.3" Stem Length: 3.4" Weight: 3.8 oz.
Made in United States