Draic | Sinnovator


The runner up of our Design Your Own Dildo competition, Draic is the perfect collaboration between fan, fiction and the Sinnovator team.

A beauty to behold, Draic is a legendary creature that has been brought to life in order to fulfil an all-new kind of quest. Conceived in one realm and born in another, it bears a striking, otherworldly appearance that ensures it is revered by all those in its presence! A unique beast that commands adoration, this powerful dragon features a rippled texture, as opposed to scales, and has expertly evolved to thrive within its chosen environment. Even its shape ensures its serpentine body is perfectly streamlined to weave in and out of those cavernous places where it likes to play and hide. Although Draic can be trained to follow orders, only the most experienced riders should attempt to handle it fully grown!

The fan designed Sinnovator Draic showcases intricate and unique design detail that has been expertly replicated from the original sketch that was sent in. Indeed, our skilled team were able to use advanced 3D print technology to create the masterpiece you see before you today. And they even added a few features of their own, including the scaled and fiery, brimstone base. Highly textured, Draic has multiple ridges along the shaft and a bulbous shape to provide intense nerve stimulation, as well as a gentle curve so that it is perfectly contoured to the shape of the body. In addition, the tapered head facilitates comfortable insertion.

The Sinnovator Draic is available in a choice of 3 different sizes, measuring between 5.3 and 9.6 inches in insertable length and 5.9 and 10.4 inches in circumference. Plus, it is now available with the option of adding a cum tube for those that wish to witness the dragon erupt! Hand poured from premium platinum silicone, it is 100% body safe, non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with all lubricants. In addition, the pliable material feels absolutely sublime.

A Note from the Designer: My design is inspired by a dragon from the Asian Legend Of Pai Lung, a dragon born from a human that brings rain and blessings to people. My design has no scales because the dragon doesn’t. It is covered with fur and, instead of scales, it has multiple ridges in the top for pleasure.

Signature Colour: The Sinnovator Draic Platinum Silicone Dildo has been expertly crafted using the perfect mix of colours to enhance its breathtakingly unique features. Featuring a mysterious glimmering meteor shower black at the bottom, it then contrasts with a gorgeous, purple light Indian silk erupting from the base. This draconic beast really stands out from the crowd. As the colour erupts from the base, the mesmerising rippled hues wrap its way around the Draic, enhancing all its details, ripples, and contours. Choose ‘signature colour’ above to add this formidable beast to your collection.


Vac-u-lock compatible.