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Not to be mounted by inexperienced riders, the Sinnovator Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo measures 10 in insertable length and has a circumference of 7.5 inches at its widest point. Much more than merely for show, it has a fine quality head set well onto a smoothly sculpted neck, or shaft, that really makes it stand out from the competition. Perfectly formed, with a powerful stance and a skilful ability to accurately follow its owner’s commands, the Sinnovator Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo is a unique breed of sex toy that always takes home first prize.

Ingeniously designed and hand sculpted by exceptionally skilled craftsmen, this silicone dildo by Sinnovator is completely unique. Cleverly textured to provide optimum stimulation, in addition to an unparalleled aesthetic appearance, it features skin folds, raised vein detail and a pronounced head with frilled ridge detail. The perfect posture of this specimen retains just the appropriate amount of flexibility to follow the inner course of the body, ensuring customised sensations and unsurpassed pleasure. It is even available with a cum tube option for added realism. Meticulously hand poured from the finest quality, platinum silicone, the Sinnovator Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo is body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free. It is also compatible with water-based lubricant to ensure optimum performance.