Flared Steed | Sinnovator


This noble Steed can always be relied upon to accompany you, whatever your mission.

Showcasing stunning beauty and a perfect stature, the Flared Steed is more than just a ‘show’ pony. Indeed, it performs well in a variety of different disciplines and follows its owner’s commands without question. Bred in 4 different sizes, it caters to every riding level, whether novice, intermediate, or advanced. And, always demonstrating it has its rider’s interests at heart, it is comfortable exploring new areas or trekking into new territories with them.

Expertly sculpted using advanced 3D print technology and meticulously hand poured using premium platinum silicone, the Sinnovator Flared Steed doesn’t just look and feel sensational, it is body-safe, non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with all your favourite lubricants. Featuring all the intricate design detail of its predecessor, the Flared Steed has a fine quality head set well onto a smoothly sculpted neck, or shaft, raised vein detail and skin folds that really makes it stand out from the competition. However, this time the head has been beautifully adapted with an extra ‘flare’ for increased intensity. Indeed, perfectly formed, with a powerful stance, the Sinnovator Flared Steed Platinum Silicone Dildo is a unique breed of sex toy!

10.8" Length, 8.3" in circumference

Vac-u-lock compatible