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Fire Hose Slapper Paddle | Ballistic Metal


The Ballistic Metal Fire Hose Slapper

We  absolutely Love this slapper!  We let our creativeness shine with our  new slapper.  We created the Fire Hose Slapper using 100% real fire  hose.  This slapper is "smokin hot"!  Create some hot burning heat  sensation with our slapper as it makes contact with your subject.  The  sting from the hose tongue is quite unique due to the texture of the  hose.  We tested it out on a few volunteers here at our shop, and they  all agreed we did good with this one and it's a keeper!  The hose tongue  is approx 12" long made from 100% real fire hose and the handle is  precision CNC crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, then brushed to a  nice satin finish.  These are then hand assembled with pride!  And like  all our other products, Proudly Made in the USA!  

If you are looking for a different length tongue, please contact us.