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Painful Rubber 1/4” Flogger



We aren’t going to lie. This one causes some pain. 

-Black rubber flogger has 1/4” falls
-Maximum ouch factor due to rubber material and small width falls
-Swivel attached to 2 Finger Loops for easy striking
-Handcrafted in the USA

This painful rubber has maximum pain ouch factor, especially when striking at the tips! The rubber ensures it will sting and leave red marks.

Want to make your partner say the safe word? Give this toy a try!
The 1/4 inch falls make more of a stingy sensation and is less thuddy.

The Swivel Flogger with finger loops was created, to allow you to put less energy into swinging the flogger, but produce more force and accuracy on impact.  The Swivel flogger gives you the control you need without exhausting yourself in the process. This flogger is perfect for doing “figure 8s” with little effort. This design is great for long scenes.

The falls are approximately 19-20 inches long with 25-30 falls. The overall length is 25-26 inches