Mandrake Sheath | Sinnovator


This mystical plant-animal, and now human, hybrid showcases luscious vine leaf textures and tantalising topiary detail.

Having flourished before our very eyes, this all-new creature has evolved from the Mandrake into the beauty you see before you today. A new breed of climber, it seeks a surface that it can wrap itself around, transforming it in appearance, texture, and size. And, in search of moisture and warmth, it continues to venture near and far to find the perfect place in which to lay down its roots. A beauty to behold, the Mandrake Sheath inspires shrieks of pleasure by all those in its presence and will make them feel as though they have died and gone to heaven!

Boasting advanced 3D print technology and painstakingly crafted with intricate attention to detail, the Mandrake Sheath features a beautifully undulating body that provides waves of consistently changing stimulation. In addition, the gorgeous overlapping leaf detail adds unique texture and girth to the penis, creating a large ridge that delivers extremely intense sensations. Expertly designed to ensure pleasure for both the wearer and their partner, this innovative penis extender features an open tip, which allows the wearer to experience every sensation. This is what differentiates it from a standard penis sheath, which can completely restrict stimulation for the wearer. It is even possible to cum inside your partner whilst wearing.

The Sinnovator Mandrake Sheath Platinum Silicone Open Tip Penis Extender stretches to fit with ease and glides on effortlessly when accompanied by your favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricant. In addition, the loop at the base secures it in place for as long as desired. Measuring 5.9 inches in length, the sheath is the perfect size to expose the tip of the penis and the 7.7-inch (widest) circumference will deliver a pleasurable stretch. Hand poured from premium platinum silicone, the Sinnovator Mandrake Sheath is also 100% body safe and non-toxic, unlike its namesake!