Egg Plug | SquarePeg


This is the best butt plug ever designed, and one of the most influential shapes in the SquarePeg line inspiring design trends industry wide. The Egg plug concept didn’t exist until SquarePeg created it, and now it’s replicated in most lines today. But SquarePeg didn’t do it alone…

The genesis of the egg plug arose out of consistent requests by the earliest SquarePegToys® puppy tail wearers to have the same plug that was developed to anchor the tail, be made simply without the tail in it. And so, with only a slight modification, the Egg Plug was born. I had a basic plug in the line at the time, but the Egg soon replaced it due to its overwhelming comfort. In a major way we have the pup movement to thank for this super comfy shape that has since come to influence the design of plugs across the industry.  It was that pioneering work on the first puppy tail that forged the path to a super comfy plug that could be worn for a long time yet stayed in.


Height 3.5" • Circ 4.1"

Height 9cm • Circ 10.5cm


Height 4.2" • Circ 4.8"

Height 10.5cm • Circ 12cm


Height 4.8" • Circ 5.5"

Height 12cm • Circ 14cm


Height 5.4" • Circ 6.4"

Height 14cm • Circ 16.5cm


Height 6" • Circ 7.3"

Height 15cm • Circ 18.5cm


Height 6.5" • Circ 8.1"

Height 16.5cm • Circ 20.5cm


Height 6.5" • Circ 9"

Height 16.5cm • Circ 23cm


Height 7.4" • Circ 10.4"

Height 19cm • Circ 26.5cm


Height 8" • Circ 11.3"

Height 20cm • Circ 29cm