RevRing | Hünky Junk

REVRING rubbery-stretch cockring straps a mid-size buzz-vibe bullet on top of the shaft snugly against the pubes for a mellow 360 dick and ball buzz… a real comfort-size cockring for the right fit and longer play.

REVRING is meaty & full-size, a velvet smooth rubbery cockring—Hünky Junk makes all their cock-gear thick, no thin jelly rings…REVRING is the size you want to wear with really cool features: Under the vibe chamber are little “riblets” that move the vibe-feel into you, the channels also keep the sweaty lube where you want for full greasy contact.

And REVRING’s all bent: the whole design curves forward to thrust the buzz towards your shaking shaft, or the hole or mouth you might wanna “REVRING” your shaft into… or rotate REVRING 180 degrees and the shaky buzz nestles at the top of the nutsack under the shaft for long JO bates or ball stretching sessions.

REVRING is a dull-finish really stretchy rubbery TRP+SILICONE mix, a super-soft silicone blend rubber that’s hard-play tough.

  • Super rubbery comfort-size vibe cockring
  • Vibe lays flat against your pubes on top or under-shaft at top of sack
  • Vibe wrapped in rubbery thick material
  • Silicone seal vibe bullet: waterproof, sealed button
  • Plus+SILICONE matte velvet finish silicone/TPR blend