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Stainless Steel Anal Expander

Indulge in a medical fetish or prep for deep and wide anal play! This Anal Expander is made of steel, so it is durable, strong, non-porous and built to last! Compatible with any lube type, it’s perfect for deep, intense penetration and stretching. The center ring is 4 inches wide which allows enough space for most fists to penetrate through. To expand, simply twist the nuts on each of the 4 screws until it reaches your desired expansion level. The dilators will open the anal sphincter so you can easily see inside or insert other body-safe, flanged objects or lubricants.

Prep your partner for deeper penetration with this medical-style device! After warming them up with some erotic play and using plenty of lubricant, run warm water over the expander device and insert it inside. Once the dilators are inside, you can start to twist the nuts on the screws which pulls the dilators apart in 4 different directions. Each dilator moves independently and you can adjust for a custom dilation level. If you’re feeling adventurous and your fingers, knuckles and wrist can fit, this can provide a great way to start playing with anal fisting!

After use, slowly bring the dilators back to their smallest setting and slip the device out. Aftercare may be required for a happy bottom. Be gentle and go slow. To wash the device, you can soak it in a solution of bleach and water or any other hygienic solution, place it in the dishwasher, or boil it before the next use.

Measurements: Ring external diameter: 4 inches Stretchers open up to 3.83 inches in diameter Insertable widest diameter: 0.83 inches Insertable length: 3.125 inches

Materials: Stainless Steel