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Lickable Glide50mg CBG + Beefused Honey + Terpenes

Travel Size: .5 fl oz / 15ml e UV glass bottle with pump This cannagasmic lickable glide features cannabinoid-rich BeeFused honey that is crafted to rock your world while your partner gets to taste a subtle, yet sweet, orange blossom flavor. Made to encourage licking, sucking, and f*cking. oO yeah.
  • Ingredients

    Water, Propanediol, BeeFused Honey, Maltodextrin, Cannabigerol (CBG), Vitamin E TPGS, Quillaja Extract Powder, Orange Blossom Flavor, Carrageenan, Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid
  • Additional Info

    • Ultra-Moisturizing, Pure Water-Base Formula \
    • Contains Cannabinoid-Rich BeeFused Honey  
    • Oral-Friendly, Gluten Free and Safe to Ingest
    • Natural Orange Blossom Honey Flavoring
    • Free of Sugar, Glycerin, Glycols, Parabens and Silicones
    • Independently Lab Tested and Never Tested on Animals
    • UV Violet Glass Bottle and Aluminum Pump and Cap Protects Cannabinoids