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Open Mouth Leather Hood | The Stockroom


For anyone who loves sensation play, the Open Mouth Bondage Hood is irresistible. The smooth black leather covers the entire face except for the mouth and nose — so the sub can keep breathing while their mouth stays open and available for use.

We've constructed this leather hood differently so that the lace is on the side, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods as there's no obstruction on the back of the hood. There's also no seam on the front, so you can tighten down on the face without making any markings on the face usually caused by seams. The opening for the mouth is extra wide so that the wearer can open their mouth as wide as they can, wear a gag with the hood on, or anything else your kinky mind can think of for them.


Once it's on, their sight is gone, their hearing is muffled, and what they feel is entirely up to the dominant. Made by hand in our Los Angeles workshop.

Product Details:
• Handmade by Stockroom designers in our Los Angeles workshop
• Excellent for combining sensation play and oral domination
• Laces up the side so can be worn comfortably for long periods