The Sindicate

The Sindicate Presents: Rubber Rebellion


The Sindicate and Vanilla Kink present Rubber Rebellion, a latex dress code play party. Come join us for another delicious night of ravishing rubber. We will have vacbeds, vac towers, mummification, and tons of play space for you. See and be seen as lovely latex clad bodies and their devious minds socialize in a safe, non-judgmental space. This event will be held on the 3rd of May 2024 from 8pm to 1am, at a secret downtown Denver location that will be revealed after you purchase a ticket. This event brings together a long disparate latex fetish community into a space where sexual expression can be practiced among people who share the same proclivities for latex. A place where connections and new experiences can be had in a safe space for people of all types. 

Tickets will be $40 until the 1st of April 2024

Tickets will then increase in price to $45 after April 1st.

On April 15th 2024 Tickets will increase to $50.

Door Sales will be limited and cost $70.

**Your confirmation email will be your ticket and a second email will be sent within 48 hours that will contain the address for the location as well as parking information that will keep you from getting towed and having to pay large fees for those tows.**

  1. If you are buying tickets for another person who is not going to be coming with you or you are not coming to the event with them then please email The Sindicate the name of the individual and the order number for their ticket so that we can amend the guest list.


  1. Always respect consent and boundaries. This includes photography, ask first! This also includes touching anyone in any way. 

  1. This will be a BYOB event. No sales of liquor will occur. Please monitor your faculties and refrain from becoming overly intoxicated. If you do, please excuse yourself out of the party until you have sobered up. Please plan in advance. 

  1. This is a safe space for everyone. If the idea of someone not adhering to traditional gender roles and expressions is not something you can abide by, then this isn’t the party for you. Further, if you cannot be civil in a public space about another’s sexual expression or fetishes, then this is not the space for you. 

  1. The hosts have the final say in their rules. Please respect their right to do so. We reserve the right to eject anybody for any reason. 

  1. Respect the space. Use the garbage cans for your empty cups and cans, do not intentionally damage any part of the space, nor modify any part of the space. If you need help then ask one of the staff at the venue. 

  1. Absolutely positively NO minors EVER, this event is 21+. ID’s are required for entry, no exceptions. 

  1. If you feel uncomfortable about something going on during the event, or have any concerns, ask questions. Kink is a lifelong learning experience. However, do not interrupt a scene.

  1. Kink gear and equipment may be used or loaned out based on owner discretion. If you are unsure, ask! Loaning gear or allowing its use by another person is fairly common during these events. However, every owner has their set of rules concerning use of their equipment. Some DO require that you be vaccinated before using their gear due to the intimate nature of their equipment. Please be aware of this and honor their wishes. If you do not know how to use the equipment then please ask the owner to help you out!

  1. Understand that sex and sexuality are going to be encouraged in this space. 

  1. Have FUN! These gatherings are meant to be a safe space to meet new people and explore the wide world of the latex and rubber fetish. As long as these party guidelines are followed, these parties will continue to be welcoming spaces for folks of every background. 

  1. We will be abiding by Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Safe, Sane, and Consensual principles. An explanation of these principles will be emailed to everyone who buys a ticket. Be sure to read them. 

  1. Please discuss with any play partner what your needs, limits, and preferences are. 

15. If you have a large scene that may need extra space then contact us at so that we can accommodate you.