Lush 3.0 Sound Activated Camming Vibrator | Lovense


 Lush 3.0 is the new and improved upgrade from the Lush 2.0. It is a fully programmable remote control vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs. Big motor makes it powerful and ensures long battery life. Redesigned antenna and printed circuit board to ensure even better connection. The fixed tail ensures Lush 3 'hugs' your body and stays in place. Even more, it puts more pressure on your G-Spot which results in even more intense, deeper, and rumbly vibrations! Button location allows you to turn it ON/OFF while wearing it. The longest control range out of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators.

Now even more quiet, and nearly silent when inserted with highest sound level being 43 dB. More discreet than vibrating panties or other wearable vibrators. 4x more powerful than most love eggs, vibrating panties and remote control vibrators. Magnetic charging port for more convenient charging. Upgraded to 5 Hours of Continuous Use. Body-safe materials. IPX7 waterproof.

Wireless design that can be used alone or with the app. Easy long-distance use. Great for solo play, foreplay, or discreet public play.

Unlimited Vibration Patterns.

Sync to Music. Sound Activated Vibrations.