Warrior | Sinnovator


Perfectly equipped to do battle, the Warrior features an armour style exterior with a conically shaped helmet that enables it to dive straight into the action when required. In addition, forming part of a troop of four, the Warrior varies in size and stature so that the correct selection can be made depending on the mission. Indeed, this varying structure means the Warrior is suitable for any assignment it may be given. An expertly sculpted soldier, it has all the makings of a champion, with unique features and skills that mean it is certain to achieve its goal. As such, those in its presence will surrender immediately and allow it to do with them as it will. So, if you are trying to resist becoming yet another conquest of the Warrior, you are fighting a losing battle!

The Sinnovator Warrior Platinum Silicone Dildo showcases unparalleled design detail and fine quality craftsmanship that is certain to make you surrender to those deepest, darkest, and most intimate desires. Featuring a conical head with a pointed tip to facilitate comfortable insertion, and rippling ridges that pop intensely inside to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings, it really is a champion amongst sex toys, in more ways than one! And the unique design detail doesn’t end there. It also has textured nubs on the underside, small peaks on each of the ridges and a bulbous knot with texture above and space beneath for those that have the ability for completely conquer the Warrior.

insertable length of 5.7

circumference of 7.48

Vac-u-lock compatible.