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This fine quality, concentrated powder makes over 20 litres of water-based lubricant, which is perfect for use with your depth training toys, huge dildos, and anal sex toys. X Lube is the safest, slickest, and most sensual lubricant you will ever experience. 100% pure and long lasting, it contains no nasty additives, such as bulking agents, salts, sugars, parabens, or preservatives, and it is compatible with all your favorite toys. In addition, it is condom safe and easily cleaned after use.

Body safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, X Lube premium water-based lubricant is the perfect accompaniment for your platinum silicone sex toy. Easy to make, simply mix one level capful of X-Lube powder with 500ml of hot water for a slick, long lasting water-based lubricant which reinvents the science of personal lubrication.

  • Highly concentrated powder – just one capful makes 500ml of premium water-based lubricant

  • Free from sugar, salt, parabens, additives & preservatives – 100% body safe, non-toxic & hypoallergenic

  • One bottle makes over 20 litres of extremely long lasting lubricant

  • Perfect for lube wrestling, fisting, depth training toys, huge dildos & anal sex toys

  • The perfect accompaniment for your platinum silicone sex toy – enhance every single sensation & ensure optimum pleasure as you play