Big Ox Cock Ring | Oxballs


Whether you’re looking for a beefier bulge for your jockstrap, a harder cock to stuff up a hungry hole, or you just like to wear a Cock Ring for the fuckin’ hot look and feel…the BIG OX Cock Ring has got you covered.

BIG OX is a thick, blubbery Cock Ring designed to grip your meat and give you even more girth.

It’s made from our new PLUS +SILICONE™ so it has the strength and stretch of TPR but the warmth and softness of smooth silicone. Best of all, the super soft material makes for a comfortable fit and feel for hours of fuckin’ and strokin’. The thick, fleshy design bloats your hog and rests snug behind your ballbag to push your hefty package up and out on display.

If you’re into ballstretching, BIG OX also doubles as a hefty ballring for some stretch on your sack.

BIG OX is so squishy and rubbery, it stretches to fit meat of all shapes n’ sizes.

Width: 2.25 in.
Depth: .75 in.
Outer circumference: 6.75 in.
Inner Circumference: 2.25 in.